HGC brands were looking to launch Karma Wellness Water, a unique range of fruit-flavoured vitamin drinks, into the Australian market. Most vitamin drinks lose their potency over time because vitamins deteriorate in water, but Karma’s unique design protects its vitamins at maximum freshness until you press down on the cap, releasing them into the water.

However, the drinks’ biggest strength – its unique cap – was also its biggest challenge. Research groups had shown that people were often confused by the drink and didn’t realise they needed to push down on the cap to release the vitamins. Instead, many people were simply removing the cap and then just drinking what was plain water.


It was clear we needed to educate consumers on the mechanics of the cap, while also creating a solid positioning that would let us build on Karma’s story in the future. This led to the creation of the ‘Push for better’ platform – which is all about supporting people who aspire to better themselves and their lives. After all, this is no small audience: no one aspires to be average.

The platform links Karma’s unique cap with our target’s aspirational ideals and conveys the need to push the cap in a simple, fun and memorable way. It also acts as a call to action, encouraging people to try something better than the typical high-sugar, low-vitamin water options.


The US market immediately saw the value in the platform we created for Karma in Australia and have now asked for it to be rolled out globally.

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