ROLL’D – Love the Journey


Vietnamese street food brand, Roll’d, was looking to reposition the brand to achieve three key objectives:

  • Capitalise on the current excitement around Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Stand out from the increasing number of copycat Vietnamese food chains.
  • Better reflect the brand values of Roll’d.

We created the new positioning, ‘Love the journey’, all based around sending consumers on an exploration of Vietnamese flavours and culture. The visuals speak to the journey involved in creating the food, from its Vietnamese heritage to the fresh ingredients that make up the meals.

The positioning appealed to Roll’d customers that dream of travelling and love to explore new flavours.

To help launch the new positioning, we encouraged consumers to discover Vietnam one dish at a time, with a special offer on different menu item every month.


Interflora blossomed once again, both with its existing market and a more contemporary one, enjoying double-digit gowth in sales. The campaign was picked up internationally and ran in three major regions in the US, while the music video appeared on Video Hits, MTV and Channel V.

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