Digital in an integrated agency environment – why smaller is better

-By Ben Shapira For the last decade, agencies in Australia (and indeed all over the world) have struggled trying to understand how to best use digital in their integrated offerings. A lack of common ground and vocabulary makes it difficult for agencies to effectively integrate an offering they don’t understand and a disproportional budget breakdown often means digital works for […]

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What women want

-By Virginia Scully It’s been a truly interesting and insightful experience giving birth to a girl only sixteen months after the birth of my first child, a baby boy. I am frequently amazed by the innate differences between the sexes. Born from the same parents, living in the same environment and very close in age and yet they are just […]

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Build a tower, build a team.

-By Gabrielle Piraino Recently the team at Sphere participated in The Marshmallow Challenge. Unfortunately no, it was not a competition to see who could eat the most marshmallows… it was a team building challenge. And who doesn’t love a team building exercise? The idea of the Marshmallow challenge came from a Ted talk by Tom Wujec. During his presentation he […]

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