Advertising in 2030

-By Luke Davidson   I started in advertising 15 long years ago. In that time, much has changed. Way back in 2000 the agency I was working at only had one computer connected to the Internet and you had to book in advance to use it! It’s amazing how much some things have changed. It has me wondering what life […]

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Who Killed Flash?

-By John Yanny If you are reading this, it means that Flash is dead. Well, dying. On Tuesday, Google Chrome essentially closed the curtain on the Adobe platform that has driven such a huge proportion of online ads, videos and games since 1997. The world’s most-used browser will now auto-pause all Flash Adwords banners, so if you want to see […]

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U + A = C

-By Isabell Howden A very wise advertising man taught me this equation many years ago (albeit after he himself had learnt it from a very wise non-advertising man many more years earlier…) and it is the essence of simplicity as a solution to missing deadlines, disappointing others, putting oneself under stress and a myriad of other workplace ills. Basically, the […]

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