Jols were a big hit when they were launched back in 1996. But since then the confectionery market has become a more cluttered beast, and a lack of advertising meant the brand was no longer top of mind. Today’s women in the 14-24 age range were no longer aware of the brand – and skeptical that something sugar free could be a nice treat.


We knew if we could just get our young, savvy audience to trial Jols, they’d fall in love with the surprisingly sweet flavour. So we decided to bring the product to them – creating the Jols Van, a mobile sampling station with unmistakable Jols branding. The van wasn’t simply a colourful product transporter and mobile billboard; it was a hub for fun, appearing at the hottest locations and events, handing out Jols and special giveaways. The van, along with a strong outdoor campaign and new website, got Jols back in the line of sight again.


Once we cut through the noise and reintroduced the Jols brand to its natural demographic, the brand shone through. Increased visibility gave the brand new energy, giveaways expanded their customer database, and most importantly we helped create a new generation of Jols lovers!

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