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Melbourne Business School was struggling to stand out in an environment where all business schools were essentially promising the same thing: career advancement. We needed to establish a credible, compelling and differentiating positioning to help MBS attract new students.


The business world has never been more complex and uncertain. There are challenges everywhere you turn, such as the globalised economy, rapid technological change and the rise of new commercial superpowers. We needed to position Melbourne Business School as being able to not only help students cope with this complexity, but to thrive in it.

To bring this to life we created a campaign that highlighted just how rapidly things change – showing that it’s pointless trying to predict the future, instead you should aim to shape it with the help of Melbourne Business School.

This message was brought to life with a bold, fresh and colorful visual style that helped MBS stand out from more traditional and conservative Business School advertising.


The campaign only just went live very recently. Watch this space!

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